Today’s Mortgage Rates!

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What to Do (and Know) Before Buying Your First Home

 Planning to buy a house soon? Will this be your first time navigating the home-buying process? If so, you’re probably wondering what you should be doing right now, before you actually start the process. Click her to read more 

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Things to do at the shore

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Celebrate freedom…..

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Top 10 Home Energy Efficiency Tips

As temperatures heat up this summer, remember that energy efficiency can keep you cool while saving money and preserving the earth’s energy resources. 
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How to keep your home cool without AC

I grew up in a house with 16-inch stone walls surrounded by lots of shade trees. It was far too old for central air, and since my parents never even considered getting an air conditioner, both features were good things. We owned a small antique table fan, but most summers even that wasn’t hauled out. When the season heated up, we swam in the farm pond, splashed in the creek, or sipped cool drinks (or in my Dad’s case, hot tea, since he felt the added sweating it produced helped cool him). Mostly, we were pretty comfortable. The hottest place I remember was church, where paper fans (supplied by the local funeral home) were the only relief
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Coming to South Jersey

Find out what awesome concerts and events are coming to our area!

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